Welcome to Harryville Primary School Nursery and Nurture Units

At Harryville School we seek to provide a quality learning environment which ensures that every child and adult shall have the opportunity to thrive, by acquiring knowledge, skills and confidence, whatever their ability or background..

Nursery Unit

Provide a happy, safe, secure and stimulating learning environment; * Value and build on what the child learns at home and include parents in their child’s learning; *Develop every child’s self-confidence and ability to express ideas and feelings clearly; *Encourage independence and allow children to learn by doing things for themselves;

Our School

* Promote good habits of health and hygiene; * Provide equity of opportunity for each child to engage with the curriculum at his or her own level; * Encourage children to develop respect for themselves and others; *Encourage children to develop and improve social skills and good manners.

Nurture Unit

The Nurture Unit is designed to be warm and welcoming in order to provide a consistent, predictable and safe place for children. It has been set up to be a bridge between home and school or nursery, where missed learning opportunities are addressed according to the individual profile of needs.