Primary 5

Welcome to P5

In P5 we have just started our new topic ‘Out of this World,’ were we will be exploring planets, the sun and gravity. This will involve a lot of art work focusing Van Gogh’s Starry Night and we will be creating our very own paper mache planets. Our topic also links nicely to our ICT. Primary 5 will be creating a space themed tune using GarageBand on the IPads and Primary 4 will be creating a space themed Scratch.
During PE we will be exploring the large equipment through gymnastics, perfecting our balancing skills as we think of different ways to travel along each piece of equipment. During numeracy we will be consolidating our knowledge of shape properties, digital time, place value, times tables and reading bar/pictographs with a key. In literacy we have been exploring how to read and follow instructions. We enjoyed making and eating yummy Rice Krispie buns and look forward to writing our own set of instructions for how to make mini pizzas. This will not be possible until we make and eat some first 