Primary 3

Welcome to the Primary 3. We hope you enjoy finding out about some of the things we get up to in class
In Numeracy we have been working hard to improve our Mental Maths skills. To do this we have been participating in lots of practical adding and subtracting activities. Learning about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes have also been a focus for this term. We have also enjoyed using our problem solving skills to sort 2D and 3D Shapes into Venn and Carroll diagrams.

P3 have also been working hard in Literacy by learning how to write instructions. When writing instructions, we have to make sure to include time connectives and bossy verbs. To help us do this, we have been making lots of scrumptious treats.

In ICT we are using Scratch Junior on the iPads. P3 have been learning how to make the Sprite move, grow and disappear. We have also been learning how to program a Bee-Bot to direct it to a specific place.

Our topic this term is ‘Scrumdiddlyumptious’. P3 have been doing lots of exciting activities! We have been learning about the different food groups and what happens to our teeth when we eat lots of scrumptious foods. P3 have also been learning about foods from around the world and the journey of a cocoa bean.

In Art we have been creating observational drawing of fruit and have been creating portraits inspired by the artist Jason Mecier Giuseppe Arcimboldo. To do this, we had to use a variety of fruit and vegetables to create our faces.

In Music we created music using foods and packaging and in Drama we have been recreating the scene from Oliver ‘Food Glorious Food’.

This term, P3 have enjoyed the Highland Dancing programme in PE. It has helped us to develop coordination and rhythm. We have also been using the PE apparatus to balance and travel a variety of ways on the equipment,

This is just some of all the wonderful things we have been getting up to, so stay tuned for more updates.