Primary 2

Welcome to P2

Welcome to Miss Johnston’s P.2 class. We hope you enjoy reading about all the things we do.
Our topic this term is ‘Toys’ and P.2 have enjoyed telling each other all about their favourite toys. We have been looking at the differences between old and new toys and we have had fun drawing and painting our own version of a Victorian style doll in Art. We learned that they look very different to the dolls that we play with!
In P.2, we have been practising our handwriting to help us with report writing in Literacy. We have enjoyed reading books linked to our ‘Toys’ topic, such as ‘Lost and Found’ and ‘Kipper’s Toybox’. We need to remember to use lots of describing words when we are writing a report on the characters in the story.
We have also been getting messy to help us learn our spellings! We enjoy using flour, sand, paints and other materials to practise our spellings as well magnetic boards and stringing letters together to make our words.
In Numeracy, we have been learning all about money and focusing on recognising the 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins. We have been doing lots of practical activities, like sorting and matching coins. We are learning how to count money and have enjoyed playing ‘Shops’ in class. Counting is a big focus for us this term and we have had lots of fun learning songs to help us remember our numbers.
P.2 have had lots of fun using Scratch Junior in ICT. We have learned how to create a Sprite, make it move and follow instructions. We have also learned how to program a Bee-Bot to move to a specific place.
We have also been very busy in P.E this term as we have been doing the Highland Dancing programme. We have learned lots of new dance moves and have enjoyed practising these in time to the music. We have also used the P.E apparatus to learn how to balance and move in different ways.
P.2 have been very busy this term so we hope you enjoyed reading what we are getting up to! Check back soon for more updates.